Do you have keyboard shortcuts?

We have keyboard shortcuts for the most common actions:

Windows/Linux Mac
Running code alt + enter option + return
Open console alt +  t option + t
Restore initial code alt + r option + r
Move to next step alt + n option + n
Move to previous step alt + b option + b

If you forget the shortcuts, you can mouseover the buttons to show tooltips as shown in the image below.

Comment/uncomment one or more lines

Sometimes it's useful to be able to comment or uncomment a single line of code, or a whole code block at once.

  • For a single line, position your cursor in that line and then command + / (mac) or ctrl + / (PC) will comment out that whole line.
  • For one or more lines, select those lines, and then command + / (mac) or ctrl + / (PC) will comment out that block of code.

Shortcuts in Jupyter Guided Projects

We also recommend using keyboard shortcuts in our guided projects with Jupyter notebook. Jupyter stores a list of keyboard shortcuts under the menu at the top: Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, or by pressing h in command mode.

You can also read more tips in our blog post: Jupyter Notebook Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts.

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