I'm trying to review a mission I've already completed, but I can only see the Takeaway.

This article is intended to show you how to review specific steps of a mission you've already completed.

The typical behavior of the platform when you go back into a mission you've completed already is to land you immediately on the  Mission Takeaways page. This makes sense if you need a quick reference to the syntax covered in the mission, or if you need to download the Takeaway for future use — not so much when you're trying to do a more thorough review of the material and/or exercises.

All it takes is a couple clicks to get to the mission step you'd like to review:

Click on the in-mission menu (indicated by three vertically-stacked horizontal lines).
Click on the mission step you'd like to review (or, alternatively, click the  Reset Progress button to start this mission from scratch).
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