Can I access course material after my subscription has expired?

In short, no.

Dataquest is a subscription-based platform and, much like other subscription-based services like Netflix and your ISP, you only maintain access to the material if your subscription is currently active and paid for.

However, an expired subscription doesn't mean you'll get locked out of your account! Once your subscription expires, you'll still maintain access to these useful tools:

  • The courses and content available under the Free plan.
  • The .py files to any code that you've written on the platform (so make sure to add detailed comments! to your code!)
  • Any certificates that you've earned (these can be found on your profile page).
  • Access to Downloadable Mission Takeaways that you've unlocked (think of these as mini-cheat sheets you can use for review).

And, even better – if you choose to continue your subscription after your hiatus, all your original progress will be saved, so you don't have to worry about starting over from scratch.

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