Where can I find solutions to your Guided Projects?

You can access the solution key for each of our Jupyter-based Guided Projects by clicking on the "key" icon above the notebook:

ⓘ Keep in mind that there are an infinite number of solutions to every Guided Project, just as there would be for any real world project you'd possibly take on in the future. Our solution is but one of many possible ways to get the output you're looking for.

Do you have solutions for non-Jupyter based Guided Projects?

Not at the moment, though we plan to in the future. This is because most non-Jupyter projects are run in the Terminal, at which point the solution would be akin to a series of instructions. 

In the interim, there are plenty of alumni-hosted repos on the web that you can refer to — simply type in the name of the project + Dataquest + Github, and that should pop up some relevant repos for you to explore.