My terminal keeps disconnecting/takes a long time to initialize.

Like our Jupyter notebooks, our terminal interface operates via connection to a live terminal instance living on our server. 

Being able to establish this type of connection means we can give you an authentic terminal experience, but it also means that the connection is more susceptible to interruptions (like opening up a new Dataquest tab or trying to work on a project when traffic on your network is high).

⚠️In areas where the internet connection is regulated, your ISP can block or filter these types of connections, making it seem like you can't connect even though other websites are working properly. The internet at your work and at other public places have the possibility of throttling your connection as well, which can lead to frequent connects/disconnects from the server.

Outside of moving to a different network, you can try resetting the containers to work around this issue:

Make sure you only have one Dataquest tab open.
Click the Dashboard option from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of your page.
Open a different mission and run a simple command, eg print("hello").
Click back to your Dashboard.
Navigate back to the mission you were working on and give the terminal a bit of time to initialize.
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