How do I download the data sets you use in your missions/projects?

While most of our missions include a link to the source for the data set we use in the missions, we often do some data preparation for you beforehand. Because of this, in order to use the code you write in the missions on your own computer, you'll need to download the data set from the mission, itself, rather than the source link.

For example, to download the dataset used in the mission displayed above:

Click the data set tab labeled with the file name (in this case, titanic_survival.csv)
Click the download icon.
ⓘ Downloading datasets is a subscriber-only feature. Students on the free plan will need to subscribe to Basic or Premium to download data sets

Downloading Jupyter Project Data

Although Jupyter exists in a different interface than that of our regular missions, you would download the project data in the same way —via the Download Project button at the top of your notebook. Note that this will download both the dataset files as well as your project notebook file, zipped up in a .tar formatted folder.

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