Can you help me with a work/school/home project?

No, we cannot.

While we'd love to help, we're still very much a small team — we only have the bandwidth to provide support on projects explicitly hosted on the DQ site. Support for external projects take us away from providing support on content that we do explicitly teach, which isn't fair for students currently working through the course.

However, that's not to say you don't have options!

When you run into an issue you just can't figure out, take it as an incredible opportunity to start developing your Google/Stack Overflow/Documentation research skills.  Learning to find the answers to your questions yourself is a really important  — maybe the most important — skill to learn. As a working data scientist you will come across problems you've never seen (or can't remember syntax to) on a daily basis.

Getting used to reading and understanding documentation can be particularly hard at first, but this time, while you're learning, is the best opportunity you have to learn and improve this skill.

💭There's not a single developer/data scientist who doesn't Google or check documentation multiple times per day - it's simply impossible to remember the syntax of every function/method of every library.

If you're truly stuck, you have a wealth of peers to collaborate with in our Student Community — just remember to brush up on our Community Guidelines so you're giving others the best opportunity to help you.

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