My code is timing out.

Sometimes there are connection issues. It's easiest to check your status by looking in the top right-hand corner of your screen.


If your connection light is brown or red, please refresh your browser and wait 3 seconds. This should turn your connection light to green. If it doesn't turn to green please check the status page.

If the connection light is green, AND you come across this error message: Your code run has timed out - it might indicate we're having a site-wide problem.

You should first check our status page to see if there's an ongoing incident (a link to the status page also appears in the bottom of the error message). If there is an ongoing incident - you might want to subscribe to receive updates. This way, we'll let you know via email once the problem is resolved.

Another common cause for this error message is writing code that never ends, like an infinite loop.

💭An infinite loop is a sequence of instructions which causes the code editor to run your code endlessly. A common example is writing a for loop that iterates through a list, while also appending items to that list. As a result, the looping will continue endlessly, because we'll never reach the last item in the list.

If you have written an infinite loop, it will cause your code runner to lock up, and you will no longer be able to run any code. To fix this:

Make sure you only have one Dataquest tab open.
Click the Dashboard option from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of your page.
Open a different mission and run a simple command, eg print("hello").
Click back to your Dashboard.
Navigate back to the mission, fix the error with your code, and then try running your code again.
⚠️If you have written an infinite loop, you must fix your code first, otherwise, you will experience the same result.  If you need help fixing your code, simply contact us.
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