What are office hours?

Office hours are 15-minute video calls that you can schedule with one of our data scientists. Think of them as opportunities to get high-quality, 1:1 advice on "soft" skills outside the scope of the purely technical content on the platform.

Office hours are only available to students who are subscribed to the Premium plan.

In this article:

What are office hours for?

Based on experience, we found that office hours are great for:

  • Career advice
  • Resume reviews
  • Portfolio advice
  • Advice on overcoming learning difficulties
  • General questions about Dataquest
  • General technical questions like:
    • What is the difference between a method and a function?
    • Why do we need to learn to work with the command line as data scientists?
    • How to handle missing data?

What are office hours not ideal for?

Because of the nature of video calls, the waiting time for the call, and the total, short length of each call, we found that office hours are not a great tool for answering specific technical questions like:

  • Why do we need to define the variable list_1 outside the loop?
  • Why does my code throw an error?
  • Can you help me understand better this code solution of this guided project?

We have better tools to help you faster and more efficiently for these types of questions:

  • Our in-app customer service — you can reach out to customer service by clicking the ? button in our interface.
  • Our vibrant Slack community — you can read more about this feature and how to use it in this help article.

What are office hours absolutely not for?

At the moment we don’t honor office hours for:

  • Data consultancy for work or businesses. Examples:
    • I will screen-share private data from work during our video call and I’d like your input to help me solve problem X.
    • I own a small business and I’d like to know how can I collect data better about my customers.
  • Technical and non-technical questions that are not directly related to what we teach and do. Examples:
    • Why doesn’t this query to this Mongo database work? (We don’t teach Mongo databases at the moment)
    • I need help with understanding this TensorFlow syntax. (We don't teach TensorFlow at the moment)
  • Code reviews. Example:
    • I have a project and I need help with code review. (We can’t do code reviews in 15 minutes, but we’re happy to do a quick style review of your project nonetheless).
  • Home assignments (from universities, MOOCs, etc.). Example:
    • I am currently studying statistics and linear algebra by taking MOOCs. I need help with a programming assignment about covariance matrix.

Joining the meeting

After scheduling an office hours meeting, you’ll receive an invitation from us on the e-mail address you used to complete the fields for scheduling a call. This is an invitation to join a  Google Hangouts chat, which is a platform we can use for our video call.

💡To use Google Hangouts you’ll only need a stable browser and the  Google Hangouts plugin installed. We recommend installing this plugin at least 10 minutes before the start of the office hours session, so we are able to maximize the time spent answering questions and providing help.

To join the call, you’ll only have to click the link indicated below, which you can find in the invitation e-mail we sent you:

Please make sure you have a functional microphone, and, ideally, you’re in a quiet environment.

Cancelling  the meeting

⛔️If you can’t make the meeting anymore, please cancel as soon as possible to unblock the interval for another student who needs help. 

You can cancel using this link in the invitation e-mail we sent you:

We'll wait for you 5 minutes to join the call. After this grace period, there wouldn't be enough time left to engage with and answer your question(s). We'll follow up with you to reschedule.