I thought I completed a mission/course, but it's showing as incomplete.

The way that progress is tracked here at Dataquest, whenever you complete a step in a mission, it gets recorded in our database, which is then passed to your dashboard so you can visually track all your progress in a single place.

If you're not seeing an accurate representation of your progress percentage on your dashboard, it could be for any number of reasons, the most common of which we've listed below:

Progress is being logged, but is delayed on your dashboard.

At times, when site volume is high, progress will be recorded correctly but may not show up on your dashboard for a period of time. In rare cases, it can prevent progress from showing unless you manually give it a little push.

The simplest solution here is to give the dashboard some time to "catch up" with our database, but, in the case you need to give the system a bit of a push, you can do so by clicking into the mission that's incomplete and opening up the in-mission menu in the bottom left corner

From there, examine the steps, locate the ones that aren't marked by a green checkmark, and run your code in each of them — make sure to click Next after each step and, finally, on Finish at the end.

Progress is not being logged at all.

In contrast with the first scenario, it could be that the progress you made was not recorded in the database at all. This is very rare — it would only happen if you left your tab open for an extended period of time, and ran code while your code editor was still establishing a connection to our server.

The fix would be the same as above — locate the offending steps and re-run your code.

You skipped a step.

And the most likely reason would be that you simply skipped a step. If this is the case, use the same steps above to locate the step(s) that you're missing progress on, and complete them.

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