Do you have notes/cheat sheets I can use for review?


While we suggest taking notes of your own that you can refer back to as you work you way through your learning path, we've developed downloadable summaries for each mission, called Mission Takeaways, to save you a bit of work!

Each Mission Takeaway acts as a mini-cheat sheet, compiling the key concepts and syntax that you covered over the course of the mission.

Takeaways are unlocked at the end of each mission, and can be downloaded to your computer in the case you'd like to review the material offline.

Accessing takeaways via Mission Reference

One awesome benefit of unlocking a takeaway is that you can review them in-mission without navigating away from the current tab.

Let's say you're working on a Guided Project and you're trying to remember some of the nuances of a dictionary for your analysis. Rather than opening up a separate tab (which could sever the connection that your Jupyter Notebook has established with our server), you can review the Takeaway for the Dictionaries mission on the same screen, via the Mission Reference tab of the learning interface.

All you'd need to do is the following:

Click on the Mission Reference tab.
Type in the mission and/or concept you'd like to review (in the example below, we're searching for dictionaries).
Click on the "paper icon" next to the mission name to pop up it's respective Takeaway.

...and in GIF form, for reference:

Why do you not have takeaways for all missions?

Rest assured, we're working on it. Takeaways take a huge amount of resources to produce, especially for the more complex missions, but we don't want to leave you folks hanging — we'll be releasing Takeaways on a rolling basis, about 2-3 per week, until every last mission is accounted for.

Your patience is appreciated in the interim!

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