I'm receiving an incorrect Zip Code error while trying to make a payment.

When you receive an error like this, its likely due to one of two reasons:

You're using a certain kind of prepaid card that doesn't have a zip/postal code attached, which we won't be able to accept.
The zip/postal code you've input does not match the one associated with your credit/debit card.

Why are you asking for a zip code/postal code? We don't have those where I live.

Our payment processor requires a zip/postal code in order to run their fraud detector successfully — without it, your payment will not go through. All cards issued through a bank, no matter whether it's required in your country or not, have a specific zip/postal code associated with it — if you're not sure what that would be, the simplest solution would be for you to give your bank/card issuer a call to get that information.

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