My payment is being declined

Why is my payment being declined?

At Dataquest, payment declines are initiated either by your bank or by our payment processor. If you run into a decline, the best way to ascertain the exact reason for it is by contacting our Support team. There are a number of reasons why your payment wouldn't go through — the most common reasons are listed below:


Your account has insufficient funds.

This is a bank-initiated decline, which occurs when the account you're attempting to pay with does not have a sufficient amount of funds to cover the expense of a subscription. If you've recently deposited money into your account, it can take up to a day or two for it to reflect — if you can't wait, the best option here is to call your bank or card issuer and retry payment once the issue has been resolved.


Your bank/card issuer is blocking the transaction based on it's built in purchase protection.

Many debit/credit cards have built in purchase protection that kicks in for online purchases (especially ones in different countries) — this will cause your payment attempt to fail. The simplest solution is for you to call your bank/card issuer to clear the transaction, at which point you can attempt payment once more.


Our payment processor has flagged your payment method as fraudulent

Our payment processor uses AI to determine whether a payment is potentially fraudulent — if it determines that's the case, it will flag the transaction and block it. The only way to resolve this is manually, via investigation by our Support team.


You've input the zip code incorrectly

This one happens more often than you think — when you fill out your card information on the payment screen, take special care to input only your zip code in the zip code field, not your entire address. Doing the latter will cause your payment to fail.

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