How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling your subscription is a straightforward process, but there are some things to be aware of before you take the plunge.

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How do cancellations work?

Like pauses, cancellations can be initiated at any point in your billing cycle — however, they do not go into effect until the end of your current billing period. You'll maintain access to the missions available under your subscription up until that point.

It's important to know that deactivating your account does not cancel your subscription plan. 

If I cancel my annual subscription early, do I get a refund?

In short, no.

Annual subscriptions cannot be canceled early — because cancellations take place after the current billing period ends, it wouldn't go into effect until the year after you originally subscribed to the plan.

We give significant discounts on our annual plans in exchange for your flexibility, since you're pre-paying for the entire year — once payment has been made, you are committed to working through the course for the year.

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose any progress I've made?

All progress is saved, regardless of your subscription status. Furthermore, you'll still be able to download any code you've written directly from your Profile page. 

Keep in mind, though, that once your subscription ends, you will only be able to access missions that are available under the Free plan.

How to cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.

I'm trying to cancel my subscription, but I'm not seeing the right buttons.

In the case you're trying to cancel your account but you're not seeing the pause and cancel options above, you may be running into the Team Account bug, which occurs when you've created a team — it prevents access to your personal account management page and, instead, only gives you the option to manage your team.

Not to worry — our Support team would be glad to help if this is the case. Just shoot us an email and we'll get you on your way!

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