I just finished a course/path, and my certificate isn't showing up in my achievements.

TL;DR: Just give it some time.

We award certificates for each course and path you complete (but not for each mission). Once you've earned a certificate, we notify you both via email and via the in-app notification bell — we also create a link to your certificate that lives on your profile page for easy access.

While the former two are instantaneous, there's often a delay before the latter action takes place. This is because it takes time for the UI (User Interface) to reflect changes that are made to our database.

So, while we can totally understand why you're itching for that shiny new certificate to appear in your profile, the best fix is to give it some time.

In the case you're still not seeing this certificate in your profile after several days of waiting, it's likely there's a glitch on our end.

Just shoot us an email or a message via the ? icon at the top of your page and we'd be happy to help!

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