I can't log in.

There are a number of reasons why you'd find yourself in a situation where you were unable to log in — we go over them below:


Your account is deactivated.

If you find yourself unable to log in, even after resetting your password, this is the most likely reason why. Dataquest students have the ability to deactivate their account once they are finished with the platform, which blocks access to the platform from that specific login email.

If you believe your account is deactivated, we'd love to help — just shoot us an email at hello@dataquest.io or send a message by clicking on the ? icon at the top of the screen.


Your password is incorrect.

You may have tried to log in and received an incorrect password error message — this means that the password you've input does not match the one we have on file.

If you've forgotten your password, not to worry! Simply follow the instructions in this article to reset it and be on your way 😉.

If you're more of a visual person, here's a GIF for reference:


The website is down.

This is the least likely scenario, but, in the case you're receiving an invalid credentials or a 500 server error page, it's possible that the Dataquest platform isn't functioning correctly.

The first place to check whether the site is down or not is via our status page — even if nothing seems amiss, it's still well worth your while to report this incident to our Support team via email or via message (by clicking on the ? icon at the top of the screen). It could be that you're the first one to sound the alarm, in which case we'd be dying to hear from you!

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