How do I change the email address I use to log in with?

You can easily change the email address you use to log in via your profile page.

Click on the Profile option in the main menu, located in the top-right corner of your screen.
Click on the Edit button and make your desired changes.
Once you're satisfied with your changes, click on the green Save changes button at the bottom of the screen.

My profile is stuck saving — help!

Not to worry — this issue arises when the email address you're trying to change your current email to already exists in our database. 

At this point, the best course of action is to log in to your old account and change your login information there to free the email address up for use.

If, in the case you can't remember your login information, just shoot a message on over to, or via the in-app messenger by clicking the ?button at the top of the screen — our support team would be happy to help you sort this out.

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