How often do you add new courses to the platform?

Our aim is to release new content every 2-3 weeks.

By new content, we mean anything from a new project or an updated mission, all the way up to a completely new course. As we scale up, we'll continue to stick to this 2-3 week timeline, but you'll notice that the volume of new content grows in each subsequent update.

Each course goes through a series of internal testing and student testing to make sure the quality is up to par — this period of testing is built into this 2-3 week timeline.

Can all this cool, new content impact my progress statistics?

Great question. We realize that as we add or change courses it can impact your progress statistics. We do try to adjust that manually before launching so you don't see an impact to your progress, but, we're human, so- not perfect. If you find that newly released content has impacted your progress, please reach out to us. 

Got a course suggestion?

Feel free to upvote something that interests you using the link to our Trello board.

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