What languages do you teach in?

At the moment, the entire Dataquest platform is taught in English, and only English. The vast majority of technical documentation is written in English, and it is the language of choice for most major DS blogs and forums (like StackOverflow), so it would be well worth your while to build this skill along with tackling the curriculum material here.

Does Dataquest have plans to localize content?

100% yes — our goal is to make learning about data science as accessible as possible, and breaking down the language barrier is one of many steps it'll take to achieve this. However, we're still a very small company, working hard towards building a platform that lines up with what we envisioned when Dataquest was first created — given that, we've chosen to allocate our short - mid-term resources towards: 

A. Expanding the breadth and depth of the content we teach, and,

B. Developing new and useful features that are aimed at improving your ability to learn.

Once we've gotten to the point where we're satisfied with how we've met the above two goals, that would be when we shift focus towards a task like translating our courses to other languages like Spanish, or Chinese.

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