Do you give student discounts and/or financial aid?

Just to be perfectly clear — no, we don't.

But that's not to say we don't want to at some point!

We're still a very small company, working hard to build out the Dataquest platform to be the only resource you need to learn Data Science. Dataquest is bootstrapped, meaning that we're kept afloat solely from the revenue we make from subscription payments — this means that we get to make product and course decisions with your best interest in mind. 

This also means that we can't afford to offer any discounts or financial aid on the platform, outside of the promo periods littered we hold during the year, at the risk of hurting our ability to realize our mission.

...but we're still much more affordable and much more flexible than traditional bootcamps.

We believe that we offer a much better learning experience than bootcamps that are priced well over $5000 and that our learning-by-doing approach sets us apart from lower-cost course based alternatives like Udemy and Udacity. 

We've priced our platform to reflect this balance of value and depth of material so that you, the student, can get the same quality of education you'd get from a bootcamp at a fraction of the cost, and so that we, the company, have the resources and capital to continue adding new features and courses to the platform to  improve your overall learning experience.