What kind of support do I get?

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We understand that learning something new can be tough, so we want to give you all the support you need along the way.  Below are your options for getting support.  

Free Basic Premium
Email Support
Office Hours 
✷ We will answer learning questions via email and message from students on the free plan where we can — however, we cannot give detailed help, and priority will be given to students on our paid plans.

Email Support + Knowledge Base

This is the preferred place to go with any customer service, bug reports, or account related issues — however, we're more than happy to answer any learning questions you have as well!

You can click the question mark icon at the top of the Dataquest interface, then click on "Get in touch" to send us a message at any time.  Alternatively, you can send an email to  hello@dataquest.io with your questions.

For general questions, it's almost always better to read through our extensive knowledge base first — it's very likely we have an answer for your question there, and the best part is that you won't have to wait for us to be back in the office before you get an answer! You can get to it simply by clicking on the same (?) icon at the top of the DQ interface as you would write an email, and typing your question in the search bar.

Best for: General help, all customer service inquiries, and bug reports.
Available on: All plans, however priority and higher levels of support are given to paid subscribers for learning questions.

Dataquest Community

Ask questions about your code and discuss all things data!

One of the great things about our community the ability for peer-to-peer support, so you can often answers to all your technical questions.  While we don't guarantee answers from the Dataquest team in the community, both our staff and our community moderators are there regularly and try to help where we can. 

More than likely, however, one of your peers will have a fantastic answer for that question that's been nagging you for a while.

Best for: Code help, discussing data science, discussion non-Dataquest related problems.
Available on: Basic and Premium plans.

Office Hours Video Calls

You can schedule weekly video calls to ask for career advice, resume review, portfolio advice, and more.

You can find more details about office hours in this article.

Best for: Occasional detailed, high-quality advice from experienced professionals.
Available on: Premium only.

Google, Stack Overflow and Documentation

While this is the last option on this list, it should actually be the first option you turn to.  Learning to find the answers to your questions yourself is really important  - may be the most important - skill to learn.  As a working data scientist, you will come across problems you've never seen (or can't remember syntax too) on a daily basis.

Getting used to reading and understanding documentation particularly can be hard at first, but this time, while you're learning, is the best opportunity you have to learn and improve this skill.

There's not a single developer/data scientist who doesn't Google or check documentation multiple times per day - it's simply impossible to remember the syntax of every function/method of every library.

Best for: Getting help with a specific, code-related problem.
Available on: All plans  😉

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