How much does it cost?

We offer two subscription plans: Basic and Premium — both can be purchased in monthly or annual formats. We've broken down the pricing structure below:

Monthly Cost Annual Cost (billed annually)
Basic Plan
$29/month $275/year
Premium Plan $49/month $399/year

Dataquest is a subscription-based platform, unlike course-based platforms, this means that the overall cost of the course is dependent on how long it takes you to complete the material. There's no limit to how many courses you can take during your subscription period, so the faster you complete the course, the less you'll have to pay overall. 

We like to call this competency-based education —we believe that success should be determined by your ability to master content, and not by an arbitrary hour- or credit-based requirement. Our platform is designed to give you the flexibility to learn what you need to learn without being constrained by deadlines.

Can I pay for an annual plan in installments?

Unfortunately, no — we offer a significant discount on the annual plan compared to the monthly plan over the same time period with the expectation that you're paying for the year upfront. If flexibility is what's most important to you, then the monthly plan would be a much better fit.

What are the differences between each plan?

The biggest difference between our Free plan, Basic plan, and Premium plan is the level of access you get to our content — each plan gives you access to specific learning paths on the platform, which you can learn more about here.

To learn more about what specifically you get access to in each plan, take a look at this article

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