How long does it take to complete the course?

While the length of time it takes to complete each path has much to do with your overall learning pace, you can see about how long each path takes, on average, via the table below:

Learning Path   Estimated Hours to Complete       Months to Complete
Data Analyst in Python
160 hours 4 to 6 months
Data Scientist in Python 240 hours 6 to 8 months
Data Engineering  80 hours 1 to 3 months
Data Analyst in R 30 hours 3 to 4 weeks

Our aim is to continue adding new courses to the platform every few weeks, so it's expected that these hourly requirements will increase over time.

ⓘ The Data Analyst Path is actually a subset of the Data Scientist Path — completing the latter in 6-8 months means that you'll have earned certificates for both the Data Analyst Path and the Data Scientist Path.
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