How does beta testing work?

Before we release a new course or feature on our platform, we ask students, like yourself, to participate in our Beta testing phase. Your participation helps us improve the platform for thousands of students and as a token of gratitude, we'll reward you!

We'll send out an email to a selected group of students to participate. For each Beta mission and feedback survey you complete, you'll receive one month of free premium access. Missions don't stay in beta long - so be sure to finish these by the due date in the email you were sent! 

For each survey you complete, you will receive one month of free premium access.

How do I get access to Beta missions?

Keep an eye on your email - we typically notify students there of current feedback opportunities. 

When will I receive the free Premium access?

Your credit will be applied at the end of your current billing cycle, and within 30 days of the end of the beta feedback period. 

To prevent any recurring charges on your account, please ensure that you schedule a cancelation on your account. For instructions and information about this, please read How Do I Cancel My Subscription?.

Will I get multiple months if I complete multiple surveys?

Yes! If there are multiple missions + surveys open, you will receive a month for each survey you complete. 

How do I know I've received access?

You'll receive an email from our account services team letting you know how many months of credit you've received, and you'll see this access reflected on your account! 

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