Financial Aid Scholarship Program 2019

This article is specific to scholarships given on September 23rd, 2019. If you still have unanswered questions after reading through this article, please email and we'll help to answer all your questions!

have a Dataquest account already. What do I have to do to receive the scholarship?

You’ll automatically receive access to all of the courses and projects on Monday, September 23rd. All you have to do is  log in on September 23rd and start learning!

don’t have a Dataquest account setup. What do I have to do to receive the scholarship?

In order to receive the free access, please sign up for a free account by 20:00 UTC on Thursday, September 19. 

You must set up a free Dataquest account by 20:00 UTC time on Thursday, September 19 or your access may be delayed. If you fail to setup an account before this time, we'll contact you via email with next steps, but cannot guarantee you'll receive access by the program start date and you will not be granted an extension for the program.

What does my scholarship include?

  • Three months of access at Dataquest's Premium subscription tier, which includes all of our courses and guided projects.
  • Access to Dataquest's student community, so you can get questions and technical problems resolved quickly.
This scholarship does not include access to Office Hours. 

What date will my scholarship begin?

You'll receive access to our platform starting on September 23rd.

What date will my scholarship end?

 Your free access will end on December 18, 2019. However, if you complete at least one full course prior to December 11, 2019, you will receive an extension with an additional three months of free access. Extensions will not be granted under other circumstances.

If you've completed one full course prior to December 11, 2019, you will receive an email granting your three month extension - there is no need to reach out! You'll see this email in early December, after the December 11th cutoff. 

Here's what your Dashboard will look like when you've completed a course:

Who can I contact if I need help with the courses?

Dataquest has a student community that provides peer-to-peer support, so you can get answers to all your technical questions. While we don't guarantee answers from the Dataquest team in the community, our community moderators and other DQ students are there regularly and try to help where we can.  You don't need an invitation to our community - just click here or hit the Community button in the drop-down and join us! 

Pro-tip: Use the search bar in the Community before asking - your question may have already been answered!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my account?

You can click the question mark icon at the top of the Dataquest interface, then click on "Get in touch" to send us a message at any time.  Alternatively, you can send an email to, or hop in to the community and ask your question.

I want to update the name used for my account. How can I make that change?

After you log in, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. Then, click “Profile” and “Edit” to change your name.

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