Office Hours

What are Office Hours for?

Office Hours are 15-minute video calls that you can schedule with Sabrina, our resident career expert. Based on experience, we found that these office hours are great for:

  • General non-technical career advice
  • Resume reviews
  • Personal Branding
  • Job search advice
  • Non-technical portfolio advice
  • Networking advice
  • Interview prep
  • Offer Negotiations

What isn't ideal during an appointment, and should be posted in our community:

  • Why do we need to define the variable list_1 outside the loop?
  • Why does my code throw an error?
  • Can you help me understand better this code solution of this guided project?
  • Data consultancy for work or businesses.
  • I own a small business and I’d like to know how can I collect data better about my customers.
  • Technical and non-technical questions that are not directly related to what we teach and do. 
  • Code reviews and home assignments**If you are planning on using Office Hours for a resume review, please make sure you send your resume to Sabrina via email PRIOR to the scheduled meeting.**

Click here to tell us more about you and what you're looking to accomplish, and we'll get you set up to meet with Sabrina! 

Office Hours are for non-technical, career and accountability related questions. If you do have specific technical questions, please ask them in our community! Our Data Scientists, Student Moderators, and your peers are there to answer your questions quickly. 

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