Career Services Office Hours

What are Career Services office hours for?

Career Services office hours are 15-minute video calls that you can schedule with Sabrina, our resident career expert. Based on experience, we found that these office hours are great for:

  • General non-technical career advice
  • Resume reviews
  • Personal Branding
  • Job search advice
  • Non-technical portfolio advice
  • Networking advice
  • Interview prep
  • Offer Negotiations

**If you are planning on using Career Services Office Hours for a resume review, please make sure you send your resume to Sabrina via email PRIOR to the scheduled meeting.**

Career Services office hours are for non-technical, career-related questions. If you do have specific technical questions, please book office hours with one of our Data Scientists, or use these tools to get your questions answered:

  • Our in-app customer service— you can reach out to customer service by clicking the `?` button in our interface. Learn more about our in-app messaging system here
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