Dataquest for Teams

Dataquest gives your team access to the training they need to master everything from beginner data analytics concepts to advanced data visualization and machine learning.

They'll learn by writing code and tackling real-world challenges right inside their browser.  

Whether your team members are just starting out or already have advanced knowledge, our platform will help them build new skills fast, with a focus on learning by doing. And we’ve created clear learning paths that help users progress from one skill to the next in a logical way, so no time is wasted trying to figure out what to learn next or how to fill in knowledge gaps.

Plus, we add new courses regularly, so your team can keep growing and acquiring new skills as the field evolves.

Team features:

  • Discounts for teams of 10 or more users
  • Collaboration and discussion tools
  • Progress monitors
  • Easy license rotation
  • Dedicated premium support

Start learning in minutes:

  • No software to install
  • Clear paths for easy, logical skill progression
  • Hands-on learning environment
  • No video lectures (Your team will thank you!)

38 courses and counting:

  • Python, R, SQL, Command Line, Git
  • Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra
  • APIs, Web Scraping, Data Cleaning and Manipulation, Visualization
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning

One-on-one help:

  • Premium access gives your team members an opportunity to schedule 1:1 office hours and get the help they need from Dataquest's Data Science team.


We offer significant discounts to teams with 10+ team members.

Basic Premium
Monthly $25/mo per user $40/mo per user
Annual $150/year per user $283/year per user
💡Have a team over 100+? Shoot us an email and we can customize a plan that is right for you.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium plan?

The biggest difference between our Basic Plan and our Premium plan is the level of access your team gets to our content. Each plan gives you access to specific learning paths on the platform: learn more here.

Ready to get started?

Set up your team or schedule a call with one of our team members to get all of your questions answered.
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