How do I get started?

The simple answer is that you can start wherever you'd like! 

Although we've designed the curriculum in a way that promotes a holistic learning experience, there's no penalty for skipping around from course to course if, for example, you know some of the material already. 

With that said, you may want to read this article first — it gives some great tips on how to make the most out of your learning experience here.

Most of our students fall into two categories: those with no experience, and those with some experience. Where you start will depend on a lot of different factors, but your prior level of experience will have the most influence on your starting point — take a look at our suggestions below!

I have little to no experience.

If you have little to no experience, you'll definitely want to start off with the basics. Not only is our Python Beginner course completely accessible under the Free plan, but it's designed to set you up with an incredible Python programming foundation so you can start tackling more advanced concepts, exercises, and projects. It's also a great way to get used to our style of teaching, and to experiment with our interactive code editor before diving into more complex material. To get started on the course, click the link below:

Get Started: Python for Data Science: Fundamentals

You'll also want to swing by our blog — we have some great articles that will better prepare you for your future in data. I've listed some of my personal favorites below:

How to Become A Data Scientist

Learning Python the Right Way

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

I have some experience in Python and/or I want to skip around.

If you'd like to skip around, or if you have prior Python experience, you'll want to make sure you visit your dashboard to get your bearings. Once you're there, you can examine the courses and missions available to you on your plan (missions not covered by your plan are indicated by a lock icon next to the mission name) and click on any mission you're interested in tackling.

NOTE: Even if you have prior experience, we'd still encourage you to start on the Beginner Python course — it serves as a great introduction to our teaching style as well as the elements of our interactive code editor, and you might pick up something new along the way that can help you in future missions! 

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