How do I add my certificates to LinkedIn?

At one point, adding the certificates you've earned on Dataquest to LinkedIn was a one-click process — however, LinkedIn has since closed off a large portion of their API making this a largely manual process.

With that said, it's still very simple to get this task done, and one that you should consider doing — recruiters and potential employers will often skim LinkedIn profiles to gauge your potential fit with their company, and one surefire way of catching their attention is to have a healthy collection of certificates to show off.

Adding your certificates to LinkedIn

Navigate to your profile page from the main menu in the top right corner.

Locate the certificate you'd like to add to your LinkedIn page → right click on the link → open it in a New Tab.


Back on your profile page, click on the Add to LinkedIn button next to the certificate you want to add.

Copy the name of the certificate from the second tab (e.g. Python Programming: Intermediate) and paste it into the Certification name field.
Enter into the Certification authority field — make sure you select the correct entity (we're the ones with a rocket icon).
The license number can be found at the end of the certificate URL, which is located at the bottom of the certificate you opened in the second tab. You can also copy+paste the entire URL into the Certification URL field at this time.
Enter the date on the certificate under 'from' and check the box 'This certification does not expire'.
Click Save to share your achievement with your LinkedIn network.