Do I need any special software or equipment?

Not at all! 

We designed Dataquest to be as technically accessible as it could possibly be by choosing to make it an exclusively-online learning platform so that even students with older machines could write code without having to worry about specs. As a result of our efforts, Chromebooks, Linux machines, PC's, and Macs all have the capabilities needed to support the Dataquest platform.

We have only two hard requirements in order to ensure that you're having a fantastic learning experience:

That you have a solid and stable internet connection, so that our code runners and answer checking systems are functioning properly.
That your web browser is up to date (and not Internet Explorer 😳) so that the web app can be displayed properly.

How does it work?

We offer an interactive environment that allows you to run your code through our servers without any installations. This way, you can start learning immediately after signing up. 
Our missions have a code evaluator which will check your answer on each step, and guide you towards the correct solution if there are any errors in your code. Once you're done with a mission or a project, you'll have the opportunity to download your code for future review and/or to showcase on your portfolio.

With that said, we highly recommend setting up your dev environment so that you can work locally on your machine (if applicable). Once you feel ready to do so, you can use the tutorials strategically placed in your learning path that will help walk you through the download and installation process.

I don't have a computer — can I learn on my phone?

While the platform is completely functional on a device like a smartphone, the web app was designed, first and foremost, with the desktop experience in mind, in order to simulate a real-world data workflow. This means that there are things that are less than optimal on a smartphone, like the size of the coding window, and having to use the virtual keyboard to code. 

With that said, if you're aware of those shortcomings and are ok with them, then it's absolutely possible to learn on the go (provided you have a good connection to work with). 

This is also something we plan to put more resources into, but only once we're satisfied with the quality and stability of the web app. Until then, we appreciate your patience and understanding!

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