How 'official' are your certificates?

What data science certificate is really official?

When we think about something that proves you finished a degree or program, a certificate is a great way to show that. When we consider what we've learned from our time in said program - a portfolio is a great way to communicate what you've truly gained from your time in any program.

While the Dataquest certificates you earn are great for showcasing skills you've acquired, what employers will be impressed by is the quality of your portfolio and how well you communicate your work to others.

Luckily, that's what we're all about.

We've blogged about the entire process of building a good portfolio here: it's a 6-part series that will help you build the best portfolio to help achieve your goals. 

With Dataquest, you can start building a great portfolio with our guided projects. We currently have over 30 of these guided projects, and we add more monthly. Rather than teaching specific concepts, the guided projects take a particular data set and get you to perform a series of steps on them, giving you a feel for what a proper data workflow is like, and leaving them open for extended analysis as you improve your data skill set.

Once you’ve finished, you can download the project to create a portfolio, which is a great way to showcase what you know to prospective employers.

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