Do you offer job placement/internships?

Unfortunately, we don't.

At least not currently! With that said, we offer a host of other career-centric options that can give you a ton of value in the job market:

Office Hours

We're more than happy to help our students with career advice (e.g. resume reviews, interview prep, general questions) via Office Hours, which is a service that is offered exclusively to Premium subscribers in which you speak 1:1 with a member of our DS team.

Certificates of Completion

In addition, our courses grant you certificates of completion. With that said, we try not to put too much emphasis on our certificates — employers tend to value a great data science portfolio that demonstrates skills much more highly than certificates. Luckily, that's what we're all about. — read on!

Guided Projects

Our biggest advantage to students is that we get you started on building a great portfolio with our guided projects. We currently have over 30 of these guided projects, and we add more monthly. Rather than teaching specific concepts, the guided projects take a particular data set and get you to perform a series of steps on them, giving you a feel for what a proper data workflow is like.

Once you’ve finished, you can download each project and upload it to Github to create a portfolio, which is a great way to showcase what you know to prospective employers. 

You can read more about guided projects, here, and more about the portfolio-building process, here

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